We Have a List of the Best Outdoor Deck Box Solutions

Your lawn and backyard require maintenance to retain its tiptop shape, and it helps it you have a convenient spot where you can easily stash your gardening/landscape maintenance tools. For outdoor storage solutions, you can always rely on the best storage benches or decks available. See what we have in store for dependable options.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of outdoor storage benches and deck boxes?

    Answer: Outdoor storage benches first and foremost, provide a safe place where you can store gardening tools and items, garden hoses, fertilizers, carpentry and power tools. If you do not have a shed, the outdoor storage bench is the most viable and affordable solution that you can get. These benches have a size that can easily contain a good selection of garden tools and supplies, tools for carpentry and pool maintenance, even your kids’ pool toys. Outdoor storage benches also come in many styles so you can easily get one that best fits your existing property décor.

  2. What materials are outdoor storage boxes usually made with?

    Answer: Majority of outdoor storage benches or deck boxes are made with sturdy, long-lasting materials with weather-resistant properties like resin, plastic and wood. Ones made with resin are lightweight yet tough and often come with a built that resembles wicker. Plastic ones are also sturdy, durable, lightweight and require minimal maintenance. The colors of plastic outdoor storage benches/deck boxes fade faster compared to resin but plastic will not peel off, dent nor corrode. Wood ones are a classic choice and it complements all homes beautifully. Storage benches made with wood veneer are often made with teak, pine, cedar and other wood materials that have great moisture resistance. Wood storage benches and deck boxes also come in several finishes.

  3. What is the best outdoor storage bench size for me?

    Answer: Outdoor storage benches and deck boxes come in many sizes—the best one for your will be something that can contain all of the gardening, carpentry or pool maintenance that you plan on keeping inside the container. When choosing an outdoor storage bench, make sure to check on its dimensions to guarantee that the bench will fit the space where you plan on putting it.


Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

  • 70-gallon capacity
  • Weather-resistant resin built
  • Strong and durable
  • Suits standard padlocks

The Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box is one eye-catching piece for your patio. This versatile furniture not only serves as great seating outside your house, it also serves as a reliable storage unit. The bench gives 70 gallons of loading capacity and made from durable, sturdy weather-resistant resin material. The neutral color allows it to blend with the rest of your patio décor and landscape while its smooth, sophisticated lines add additional aesthetics to your surroundings. It’s UV-protected too so it will keep its appearance for a longer period of time.


Suncast Patio Bench with Storage

  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Measures 53.75 x 21 x 34.5 inches
  • Made from weather-resistant poly resin
  • Versatile design

The Suncast Patio Bench with Storage is another multipurpose addition to your property, one that gives extra seating and provides sufficient storage room for your gardening/landscaping/carpentry and pool maintenance tools as well. It has a durable and dependable weather-resistant resin construction and features a lid which flips open for convenient access to its content. The bench provides 50-gallon capacity and it’s also pretty easy to assemble.


Rubbermaid Decorative Patio Storage Deck Box Bench

  • Stylish dark teak color
  • Lockable lid
  • Has built-in side handles
  • Weather-resistant built

The Rubbermaid Decorative Patio Storage Deck Box Bench has the aesthetics of modern furniture but it also does double duty. This deck box features storage space for gardening and landscaping essentials, even your kid’s pool toys. It has a weather-resistant built so it will not surrender to the toils of the elements. The deck box is also lockable for extra safety and includes built-in side handles for ease of carrying. The seating it provides is very sturdy too—just add cushions.


Ulax Furniture Outdoor Storage Bench

  • Made with weather and UV-resistant wicker
  • Has elegant bronze finish
  • Measures 42 x 18 x 19.5 inches
  • Handwoven design over steel frame

The rattan style of the Ulax Furniture Outdoor Storage Bench makes this container unit a nice addition to your patio or porch. It is made from durable, weather and UV-resistant material with a bronze finish—the bench features a handwoven design wrapped on top of a sturdy steel frame. Use this one to store your landscaping or pool utility items or store outdoor furniture cushions. It’s very functional and the seating it gives makes for extra convenience.


HYD-Parts Outdoor Deck Box

  • 120-gallon capacity
  • Measures 46.85 x 24 x 24.4 inches
  • Has weather-resistant built
  • Comes with UV protection

The HYD-Parts Outdoor Deck Box has a sizable 120-gallon capacity so it will definitely fit a great deal of gardening, landscaping and pool maintenance tools. It is made from weather and water-resistant poly resin material which is also UV-protected to fight back premature fading and corrosion. The lid flips open for fast, convenient access to its content. The bench comes with a lockable lid for security and it is pretty simple to put set up. You don’t need tools to finish the job.


Pacific E-Commerce Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Box

  • 56-gallon storage capacity
  • Has water-resistant exterior
  • Measures 48 x 23 x 21 inches
  • Includes wheels and handles

The Pacific E-Commerce Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Box is another choice that has great features which helps fight back elements—it has a strong, durable construction and is equipped with a waterproof liner to guarantee that the storage unit itself and its content are completely safe from moisture. The bench also comes with handles and wheels on one end so you can easily bring the unit to any point you prefer. Great for storing backyard and garden items, sports equipment and pool toys.

When it comes to your gardening, landscaping, pool maintenance and carpentry tools, you need a secure and safe space to store them. As explained by this guide, outdoor storage benches and deck boxes are your friend when it comes to organizing your outdoor maintenance essentials.