The Best Garage Storage Hooks Will Keep Your Tools in Place

The garage is one of the places in your property that is not only a spot for all of the tools, garden and sports equipment that you own. This is also the place where you park your car. Overlooking garage cleanup and organization is easy but this is a task that you should maintain—an organized garage means faster access to equipment and a spot that is easier on the eyes. To save space, you can always rely on quality garage hooks. Let us help you find the best bunch by reading the rest of this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do you organize your garage tools?

    Answer: If your garage drawers are fit to burst with tools, you need to hang them in durable garage storage hooks. Organize your tools by type for quick access. Metal and tools and other equipment with the same shape are suitable for these hooks. As soon as you are finished with your DIY projects or car maintenance, you can merely slip the tools in the hooks and you’re done.

  2. What is a proper height to hang garage tools?

    Answer: There’s no specified correct height to hang garage tools—you just need to make sure that the equipment is completely off the ground. It should not be accessible to children or pets, rodents or vermin that may find its way into your garage. Keep in mind though to position dangerous tools higher than standard tools.

  3. How do you keep bikes in the garage without demanding plenty of space?

    Answer: Bikes are hefty and wide so it will require plenty of space inside the garage. One great way to keep them off the ground is to use garage storage hooks—strong enough to support the entire weight of the bike. You can also make use of a vertical bike hook or a folding bike rack hook in case you want to keep the bike along with your biking accessories from helmets to bike locks.


Shepherd Hardware 8088E Heavy Duty Steel Garage Storage/Assorted Utility Hooks

  • 6-pack garage storage hook
  • Made from heavy-duty tubular steel
  • Has 5/8-inch diameter
  • Comes in 3 convenient sizes

The Shepherd Hardware 8088E Steel Garage Storage Hooks are made from hardwearing, sturdy powder-coated and corrosion-resistant tubular steel so it can accommodate all of your heavy garage, gardening and DIY/carpentry tools. It measures 5/8 inches and it can accommodate up to 25 lbs. of weight once mounted correctly. You can install the hooks in any surface from block, brick, studded walls and hardwood. Very easy to install and can support bikes too.


Inteli-topia Steel Garage Storage Hooks

  • 10-pack garage storage hook
  • Made from heavy-duty solid steel
  • Easy to install
  • With anti-slip PVC coating

The Inteli-topia Steel Garage Storage Hooks will help you save space in your garage by creating a spot for your tools and various items on the wall. The hooks are crafted from heavy-duty solid steel and features anti-slip PVC coating. Very easy to mount and it’s quite flexible since it can be used in other places around the house too where wall storage is needed—whether basement, the bath, laundry room, the shed or kitchen, this set of nifty storage hooks will last for years and provide excellent service.


Intpro Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks

  • 12-pack garage storage hooks
  • Made from heavy-duty solid steel
  • With anti-slip PVC coating
  • Comes in 5 sizes

The Intpro Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks are made up of strong, reliable solid steel material that will last for years. It also comes with rustproof, corrosion-resistant coating to keep its life and functionality extended. The hooks also come with an anti-skid cover to prevent tools from dropping off as soon as it’s placed on the hooks. The presence of the cover also forms another form of protection between the hooks’ built and the tool, thus avoiding friction-causing damage.


Tetra-Teknica UH03-6P Heavy Duty Garage Storage Utility Hooks

  • 6-pack garage storage hook
  • With tubular metal structure
  • Has 25 lbs. weight capacity per hook
  • With rust-resistant powder coating

The Tetra-Teknica UH03-6P Heavy Duty Garage Storage Utility Hooks is another excellent pack of hooks for organizing your tools. The hooks were constructed with a tubular metal built and complemented with non-skid rubber tips to keep your tools in place. It can also accommodate up to 25 lbs. of weight. The hooks are a breeze to mount and it secures on various surfaces from brick, hardwood, stud walls or block. Place your bike on it and it will not budge—great to place certain gardening, sports equipment, DIY and car maintenance equipment.


Hongway Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

  • 12-pack garage storage hooks
  • Made from heavy-duty solid steel
  • Has anti-slip coating
  • Up to 77 lbs. weight capacity

The Hongway Heavy Duty Garage Hooks are one of the strongest in this list—this one can accommodate up to a whopping 77 pounds. It is made from heavy-duty solid steel and also includes anti-skid coating for extra protection between tool and the hook itself. The coating also provides a non-slip surface so the tool will remain in place once dangled on the hook. The set features hooks in various sizes, 5 all in all. Use the hooks to hang your bicycle, garden hose or any garden, DIY, sports or vehicle maintenance equipment for convenience and organization.


ORASANT Enhanced 11-Inch Large Garage Storage Hooks

  • 4-pack garage storage hooks
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Has rubber wrap
  • Includes convex slot

If you want something truly sizable, you will like this pack of ORASANT Enhanced 11-Inch Large Garage Storage Hooks. This one is quite long and huge thus it’s great for storing bigger, heavier items like power tools, bicycles, ladders and the like. The hooks feature a convex slot for strength—this means the hook claws are implanted in the foundation slot rather than merely welded on the surface of the base. This leads to hooks that will stay on and remain functional even when heavy items are dangled on it. The hooks also feature rubber wrapping to put tools firmly in place.

Do not just place your tools anywhere in the garage, nor keep them stacked like sardines in drawers. Save space and allocate a nice spot for your tools by hanging them on the wall by means of trusty garage storage hooks.