Keep Electronics Neat with the Best Cable Management Clips

No home is not complete without the presence of home entertainment systems and desktop computers. Various gadgets still require cables in order to work—while this particular component has its essential uses, they can be cumbersome to deal with. Cables are long and the company of several cords in one area can be messy and at worst, dangerous. So keep things tidy at home, make sure to have the best cable management organizers on hand. Here are some of our favorites.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the function of a cable management organizer?

    Answer: The cable organizer’s primary function is to keep your cables neat.

  2. What are the different types of cable management organizers?

    Answer: Cable management organizers come in lots of types and styles. Cable ties are available in lots of materials, colors and sizes. You can use it along with cable tie mounts so you can secure cords into panels, walls and the like. Cable clamps are mainly used in industrial and automotive settings—they are installed to secure wires on the wall, a beam or flooring. Cable tray systems are also recommended for industrial environments—they can be utilized overhead or beneath the floor. Velcro organizers feature a gentle design which prevents wire damage but these cable management units also present a strong built. They are flexible as well. Spinal wraps are designed to contain several wires together while allowing them to be separated as needed.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing cable management organizers? Firstly, you need to consider the purpose of the appliances or electronic devices that you need to deal with. There are units which require frequent disconnection or transport to other areas of the home. There are also standalone, fixed units that require no moving at all. Next, consider the installation method needed by the cable management organizer piece—the length and difficult of the installation differ depending on the type, the equipment and environment you want to tackle. There are installations that require advance planning or the best positioning while some will only require adhesive tapes. Next, consider the area where you need to set up the organizers—the purpose of cable management organizers is to simplify a number of cords which can get in the way of your home or office.


OHill Cable Clips (16-Pack)

  • Black cable clips
  • Keeps desks organized
  • Multipurpose organizers
  • Includes ultra-sturdy sticky pad

The OHill Cable Clips (16-Pack) is a set of affordable cable management organizers. These clips are presented in lots of sizes. The set features plain ones while some include grooves on them. This is a great option in case you need to deal with separate wires and cables that require unplugging every now and then. It comes in handy for desks, home entertainment systems, filing cabinets and computer set-ups. The clips also come with ultra-strong sticky pads which allow them to be secured tightly on several surfaces. It is also very easy to use since the clips are the stick-on type.


VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

  • Self-bundling organizer straps
  • Durable and reusable
  • With pre-cut length
  • Maintains organization

The VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties are the pre-cut, self-bundling kind. They come in a pre-cut length and its nifty design allows for simpler color-coding of cables, cords and wires. This is a good option for both residential and home use—if you have a home office, having a few of these cable ties on hand will prove to be handy especially if you often use a good number of gadgets and electronics. Cable ties also make for fast and simple application and removal without the use of tools.


ProMaster PREMIUM 63” Cable Management Sleeve

  • Great fir decluttering and organization
  • High-quality design and built
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy to use

The ProMaster PREMIUM 63” Cable Management Sleeve is another good option for users who frequently use desktop computer set-ups, gaming consoles and home entertainment systems. These units often make use of several unwieldy wires and the design of cable management sleeves suits such clutter issues. The sleeves are available in a number of lengths to accommodate different organization requirements. The sleeves were also designed in a way that it allows the cutting of holes in its side for single cords and cables.


SOULWIT 50-Pcs Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

  • User-friendly cable management organizers
  • Made from non-toxic polyamide66 material
  • Has ultra-sticky surface
  • For mess-free organization

The SOULWIT 50-Pcs Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips are one of the easiest cable management systems that you can use since all you need to do is stick them on your preferred spot. Stick-on cable clips are ideal for those who need to unplug electronics or gadgets frequently. The clips are made from environment-friendly polyamide66 material which is safe to use, durable and strong. The clips present plenty of space to contain several cords or cables and it’s recommended for items like audio cables, network cables, power cords and video cables. These items will keep your home or office neat and safe at all times.


Rustark 50Pcs 2 Sizes Adjustable Self-Adhesive Nylon Cable Straps

  • High-quality nylon material
  • With adjustable zipper design
  • Has self-adhesive pads
  • Provides wide application

The Rustark 50Pcs 2 Sizes Adjustable Self-Adhesive Nylon Cable Straps is a good choice n case you are after a semi-permanent cable management system. This is due to the lock-in capability of the straps. These straps can also accommodate several cables in just a single loop. Recommended for set-ups that do not require frequent unplugging. The straps are crafted from prime nylon material and are durable, odor-free and non-toxic. Each set includes 2 varying sizes while every size comes with 25 pieces of ties.


Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips

  • Magnetic cable organizer
  • Holds cables securely
  • Includes 3M adhesive tape
  • Universal compatibility

The Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips is another fast solution for cable management. The clips come with 3M tape which allows it to be glued on easily on different surfaces. It sticks to different materials—it can even adhere on various metal surfaces without the use of a magnetic holder. The clip accommodates thin cords and cables as well—just employ the accompanying silicone tube for a secure fit. It supports a good number of USB cables from Type C ones down to Apple lighting cables.

When it comes to organizing your home and office, a reliable cable management system is an advantage and will always keep things streamlined. Cable management organizers come in different types so better go for ones that will answer your needs for maximum results.