Invest In These Handy Accordion File Organizers

Working in the office can mean dealing with lots of paperwork, printing documents and sorting out letters. To keep those items put in order at all times, you need a reliable organizer. Plenty of documents are confidential as well so make sure to put them in a place where they are kept out of sight. Why not try these accordion-style file organizers? They are expandable, easy to use and it makes keeping all of your files in one place a breeze. See our top picks today.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an accordion file organizer?

    Answer: Lots of office employees and business owners make use of handy accordion file organizers to stash important folders, documents and prints. These items can be expanded, are multipurpose products and are meant to house just about any printed matter as long as it fits inside its pockets/sections. The accordion file organizer is great for use not only in the office but for school and the home as well—pretty much any situation where you are required to work with lots of documents and other similar printed matter.

  2. What are the benefits of using an accordion file organizer?

    Answer: The accordion file organizer remains one of the top choices for storing documents and files. The organizer is open for adjustments—this means you can systematize your files weekly, monthly, through alphabetical order or through any reference you prefer. In addition, it makes for an easy search—you can find the file you are looking for without a sweat since it’s placed inside a single spot, categorized according to date, importance, type of file and more. Accordion file organizers are also made with durable materials so it can protect paper files, which are prone to ripping and tearing.

  3. What factors should I remember when choosing an accordion file organizer?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the number of files and paperwork that you want to keep in the organizer since not all accordion-style file organizers have the same number of pockets for every folder. The size of the paper needs to be considered too—there are file folders that only accommodate A4-size documents while some only come in letter-size formats. In addition, you need to consider whether you want to use the organizer to transport or deliver the files/documents or just keep them stored in the workplace. There are accordion-style file organizers that are lightweight, fuss-free and travel-friendly.


RUBEX Accordian File Organizer

  • Includes 12 pockets
  • Has A4 letter size
  • Expandable design
  • Durable and portable

One of the handiest and safest spots to contain your important documents and prints is the accordion-style file organizer. The RUBEX Accordian File Organizer fits A4 letter size documents and it includes 12 pockets all in all. It expands to fit paper files and its smart design feature highlights that makes storage a breeze—it includes a button and string closure plus card pockets and alphabet stickers for fuss-free organization. The whole organizer is also waterproof to further protect your delicate paper docs. Other highlights include 12 tabbed pockets and colored file folders with divider tabs.


Amazon Basics Expanding Organizer File Folder

  • Includes 13 pockets
  • Has flap and cord closure
  • Waterproof file folder
  • Tear-resistant poly material

The Amazon Basics Expanding Organizer File Folder is a good place to contain essential documents for home and office use. The best this option has to offers is its acid-free, PVC-free pockets—this means if you store printed documents on this file folder, its colors and quality will be preserved. This is a file folder in case you want to archive specific docs and prints. Apart from such benefits, this option is also waterproof for added safety and protection. Comes in a chic black color and has a secure flap and cord closure.


BluePower Expanding File Folder

  • Has A4 letter size
  • With expandable 12-color separate pockets
  • Made with durable PP plastic
  • Includes secure flap and cord closure

The BluePower Expanding File Folder has a unique design in which it spreads itself out to accommodate various files and folders. It is made from durable, waterproof quality PP plastic, a material that is also very safe for long-term use due to its non-radioactive and non-toxic qualities. This one is quite hardwearing—it will not tear nor get ripped off easily. The file organizer provides A4 letter size format and 12-color separate pockets for effortless organization and sectioning. For added convenience, this one comes with two clear name card slots.


Skydue Expanding File Folder

  • Has A4 letter size
  • Comes with 5 expandable pockets
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable and tough

The Skydue Expanding File Folder assures your paper files will be kept safe and secure from unwanted elements and prying eyes. This one features a size format of A4 and comes with 5 pockets that expand to fit documents. Great to storing and organizing confidential files, business expenses, notes, plans, various paperwork and more. Very lightweight, durable and portable enough for travel use. Also comes in different colors to suit various tastes and aesthetics.


AFMAT Accordian File Organizer

  • Has A4 letter size
  • With 60 pockets and 2 card slots
  • Comes with 60-tab slots
  • Includes 130 blank labels

There is no need for you to sift through a disorganized mess in your file cabinets just to find a specific document. Use the AFMAT Accordian File Organizer to keep those office essentials in one accessible, safe spot. The file organizer features a sizable number of pockets totaling at 60 plus it comes with two card slots. For a more systematized file system, this file folder includes 60-tab slots and 130 blank labels. The organizer secures everything in it by means of its reliable flap and cord closure. Very durable and can accommodate loads of papers.


Pendaflex Heavy Duty Expanding File

  • Comes with 21 pockets
  • Has very thick cover
  • With double-reinforced flap
  • Includes preprinted A to Z tabs

The Pendaflex Heavy Duty Expanding File guarantees that your files will be kept secured and safe by way of its durable built and extra-thick cover. It is built with tear and rip-proof Tyvek reinforcement at its corners and the gusset top. It comes in a letter-size format, has 21 pockets and also includes tabs from A to X for snappy, numbered organization. The handy organizer also makes for safer transport of bigger numbers of documents thanks to its hardwearing and heavy-duty expanding pockets with reinforced covers. Whether for office or school, this option will do its job efficiently.

Organizing your workspace will be made simpler if you choose the right products. The accordion-style file organizer is one of the niftiest and most practical choice if you want to store documents and folders. It expands to accommodate a good deal of files plus most of them are lightweight and travel-friendly too.