Ideal Kitchen Carts for Apartments and Small Homes

Space is often a problem for people living in cramped apartments of smaller homes. Thankfully though, the market has made available a good range of organization solutions that will maximize available spaces in areas like the kitchen. The presence of a kitchen cart can help organize essential prep work and cooking items easily without using all available counter space. For the best selections in the business, tune in to our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why buy a kitchen cart?

    Answer: Buying a kitchen cart has its benefits specifically for people living in apartments and small homes. Again, it allows for maximizing available space without relying on the kitchen counter at all times. Apart from that, it also makes for an additional aesthetic piece since kitchen carts come in lots of styles, finishes and materials. You can easily get one that perfectly matches your current home décor.

  2. What are the different types of kitchen carts?

    Answer: There are several types of kitchen carts being sold in the market right now. The most common would have to be the rolling kitchen cart, which is not only great for storing kitchen tools and utensils, but also makes for a nice piece for entertaining guests since this allows you to transport food from the kitchen to the living room or dining area. Utility carts are very functional and it comes with a great set of features from a cabinet, adjustable shelves to a countertop. Microwave carts allow users to utilize space for placing hot plates, devices like blenders, canned goods and condiment bottles. Butcher block carts feature wood blocks that serve as areas for cutting vegetables, fishes or meats. Stationary and portable kitchen carts provide more available counter space while at the same time, provide storage for various kitchen tools like pots and pans.

  3. What kitchen cart is best for me?

    Answer: The best kitchen cart for your is something that can accommodate your extra kitchen tools and essentials and match your existing kitchen décor. If your cupboards or shelves are packed but you still need a space for your smaller kitchen appliances, you can benefit from a functional utility cart since these models often feature adjustable shelves and cabinets for such devices. If you have lots of silverware and utensils to store, you can opt for microwave carts or stationary/portable kitchen carts. Style is also another factor that needs consideration; countertops for kitchen carts are either made with wood, stainless steel or granite materials. Choose one with a style that not only fits your storage needs but matches your current kitchen look.


Giantex Kitchen Island Cart with Drop-Leaf Tabletop

  • Excellent storage features
  • Has adjustable shelves
  • Includes drop-leaf countertop
  • Has 2 lockable wheels

The Giantex Kitchen Island Cart provides several storage options to give space for various kitchen items. It features a drop-leaf countertop, a bigger rubber wood top, roomy cabinet and 3 storage drawers. The whole piece is crafted from sturdy, reliable MDF material and rubber wood—the materials also mean this makes for a great eco-friendly kitchen cart choice. It features 4 universal wheels that glide effortlessly and noiselessly on the floor so you can transport it anywhere you wish and for extra-safety, has 2 lockable wheels too so it can be halted by just stepping on its brake.


Nova Microdermabrasion Rolling Wood Kitchen Island

  • Has real wood components
  • 3-level design
  • 4 built-in swivel wheels
  • Portable, compact form

The Nova Microdermabrasion Rolling Wood Kitchen Island gets high points when it comes to versatility thanks to its multitude of storage features. This one includes a cutting board, 2 drawers, 2 shelves and a metal basket. It also comes with a compact, portable frame with a convenient 3-level design. The rolling island includes 4 built-in swivel wheels too so you can transport it anywhere you need, with some help from its comfortable ergonomic stainless steel handle. Another bonus is its wine rack at the bottom—this means you can use this one for entertaining guests too.


Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

  • Measures 26.9 x 18.2 x 34.3 inches
  • Solid beechwood built
  • Has black lockable casters
  • Great storage features

The Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart is a nice piece for kitchens with a down-home, rustic feel thanks to its solid beechwood body and all-natural finish. It comes with black lockable casters and a nice array of storage options too. These storage options include a 2-door cabinet with a shelf, a towel rail and a wide drawer for utensils. The spacious countertop it comes with also provides sufficient workspace for kitchen prep. The whole piece has a neat, straightforward style that perfectly matches any kitchen style.


Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart

  • Classic 3-level built
  • Measures 23.7 x 15.75 x 28.74 inches
  • Has 2 lockable wheels
  • Strong, P2 MDF/metal built

The Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart will accommodate your extra kitchen devices and items by way of its 3-level construction. It has a counter space, a reliable top shelf for kitchen appliances like microwaves or toaster ovens, and 2 additional levels for storing condiments, dishes and other items. The whole ensemble also includes 4 flexible wheels with 2 lockable ones, 10 hooks and is made from sturdy, high-quality P2 MDF and metal materials. Very easy to assemble and maintain, and it can be used in the office too.


Pipishell 3-Tier Mesh Utility Cart

  • 3-level mesh utility design
  • Measures 16.54 x 12.4 x 6.5 inches
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 66 lbs., maximum loading capacity

Whether you need a rolling cart in the kitchen, the living room, your own bedroom or the office, this Pipishell 3-Tier Mesh Utility Cart will see to it that you get to take advantage of its features. You can use it to store your kitchen items and small appliances or use it to haul heavier items from one point to another with less hassles. The ensemble features smooth swivel wheels, lockable casters for safety, a removable handle and a very considerate design which allows for convenient, easy usage and excellent, reliable storage.


AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Adjustable Heavy-Duty Storage Shelving Unit

  • 250 lbs. loading capacity per shelf
  • Measures 23.2 x 13.4 x 30 inches
  • 3-shelving kitchen cart
  • Sturdy steel built

If you do not need something with wheels and prefer a stationary unit, this one might work for you. The AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Adjustable Heavy-Duty Storage Shelving Unit is made up of 3 adjustable shelves with sturdy steel construction and a sleek, elegant black chrome finish. Every shelf on this model provides up to 250 lbs. holding capacity and it provides adjustability in 1-inch increments without the use of tools. This is not only meant for kitchen use too since it’s strong enough to serve as storage space for your smaller garage and gardening supplies. You can use it anywhere you need storage, from the kitchen to the living room.

Kitchen organization is a must for faster meal prep and cleaner, more systematized area. Make sure to have any of these kitchen carts on hand—this is a welcome addition for any apartment or small home so you can always maximize all that available space.