Best Broom Holders

There are lots of way to organize your stuff now. There are bins, hangers, closets, containers and racks to store various household and office items to make your home or office tidy and presentable. When it comes to cleaning tools like brooms, you can now bring them together in just one accessible place by using a broom holder. In this article, we are going to discuss tips and recommend several trusty broom holders which will effectively rid your home and garage of cleanup tool clutter.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do I organize my cleaning tools at home?

    Answer: When it comes to cleaning tools, it is best that you store regularly used large items like the vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the cleaning tool closet or other convenient spots. You can dangle dustpans and brushes on hooks, coil vacuum hoses on bigger, sturdy hooks or hose holders and keep brooms and mops in a broom holder. You can also store items by means of their functions or the room where they’re frequently used. Store cleaning tools that are not used regularly in an over-the-door rack or a transparent shoe box (for smaller items). For rags, you can just fold and stack them on a shelf—smaller ones can go to a plastic bag organizer. The buckets can be placed on a car mat or waterproof mat on the floor.

  2. How can I organize my cleaning tools if I do not have a closet for it?

    Answer: Remember that there are now lots of organizers, racks and containers where you can store your cleaning tools—you can take advantage of them. Before purchasing one though, you need to first evaluate the space available for those items. You can make use of available walls in storage rooms, laundry rooms and basements to install racks for cleaning tools like brooms or mops. These wall-mounted racks will only need a space of a few inches. For shorter or smaller items, you can opt for those bins, caddies and organizer units.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a broom holder?

    Answer: One of the aspects you need to consider when choosing a broom holder is its capacity—check how many items the rack can accommodate plus the amount of weight it can support. You also need to consider convenience—consider if you need the holder to keep brooms and mops that you use frequently. The broom holder that is best for you will depend on the number of racks or hooks it contains. The right broom holder will also be based on the available space on the wall where you plan on mounting it. Broom holders differ in terms of length so make sure to measure the area first before ordering or buying a product. Last but not least, check if the broom holder can only be mounted on a specific type of wall and see if the package already comes with the hardware needed for the installation. Most broom holders today can be installed through drywall or wood studs. If you are planning on installing the broom holder on a brick or concrete wall, make sure to get a matching broom holder for it.


Home-It Mop and Broom Holder

  • Measures 2.5 x 17 x 3.1 inches
  • Easy-release broom holder
  • Rolling balls automatically adjust
  • Ball supports up to 7-1/2 lbs. of weight

If you do not have sufficient space for organizer caddies and boxes at home, you need to consider wall organizers instead. Thankfully, we have the likes of Home-It Mop and Broom Holders to encourage a more spic and span arrangement of our regularly-used cleaning tools. This one has a multi-storage design and includes 5 slots and 6 hooks where you can dangle your dry mops, brooms and handheld garage tools. It has a sturdy, durable built so it’s good for outdoor use too. Its non-slip rubber slot comes with a rolling ball that adjusts mechanically to the thickness of the item and secures it well. Already comes with an instruction manual.


Berry Ave Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer

  • Weatherproof design
  • 35 lbs. holding capacity
  • Spring-loaded, double-rubber slots
  • Easy to install

The Berry Ave Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer is one compact unit where you can keep cleaning and garden tools handy. Due to its compact design, this makes for practical storage for smaller living spaces. The organizer has a weight capacity of 35 lbs. and since it’s made from high-quality, commercial grade material, it can accommodate a sufficient amount of weight. The slots for the organizer are rubber-gripped so your items will remain as is on the organizer.


Shanney Mop Broom Holder

  • Commercial-grade hanger
  • 50 lbs. holding capacity
  • Includes 6 hooks
  • Spring-loaded, double-rubber slots

Made from high-quality, durable commercial-grade material, the Shanney Mop Broom Holder assures that your cleaning tools will be in good hands, stored in just one convenient spot. It has a holding capacity of 50 pounds and every spring-loaded slot for the rack feature double rubber grips so the mops and brooms will remain secure once dangled. There are also 6 hooks meant to suspend lightweight items like smaller brushes and wipers. It is pretty easy to install and already includes the hardware needed for the installation.


Homely Center Broom Holder Wall Mount

  • SUS304 stainless steel holders
  • No-slip rubber broom holder
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Installs easily

The Homely Center Broom Holder Wall Mount has a bigger size thus it’s perfect for your mops and brooms. The storage unit is crafted from high-quality, durable SUS304 stainless steel and due to its reliable built, can be used for outdoor tool storage too. It installs on the wall without troubles—the unit even follows strict Building Code standards and it assures of a strong and secure assembly through its 4 mounting hole features and wall stud installation, thus making it ideal for outside/inside wall locations.


Favbal Broom Mop Holder

  • Commercial-grade hanger
  • 30 lbs. holding capacity
  • 2 installation methods
  • For indoor/outdoor use

The Favbal Broom Mop Holder features a handy triangle-bucket and petal-shaped gear design which allows for tidier collection of your choice brooms and mops. It has a 30-pound holding capacity and its clips were designed to modify themselves automatically once you have an item on it. To fully secure the items in their places, the holder features built-in plastic components which helps reduce friction and stop items from dropping by accident. Due to its durable construction and materials, it makes for a suitable holder for both indoor and outdoor use.


Homten Broom Mop Holder

  • Measures 17 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
  • Premium-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Corrosion and tarnishing-resistant
  • 3 non-slip racks/4 hooks

The Homten Broom Mop Holder will not let your allow cleaning tool clutter—you just need to hang those brooms and dry mops on this nifty, durable and supportive holder. The holder contains 3 non-slip racks and 4 hooks for your regularly-used cleaning tools. It is made from sturdy, long-lasting premium-grade 304 stainless steel too so it can be used outdoors. It has corrosion and tarnishing-resistant properties to further facilitate durability too. Make the installation more stable for this holder by including 4 screws and putting a 16-inch mounting hole.

Give your cleaning tools a place where they can be stored neatly. This will help prevent clutter, and a clutter-free living space makes for one comfortable, airy and neat area to live in. Get your favorite broom and mop holder by using our guide as a handy reference.